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I think it would be interesting but maybe a AU storyline, if after Red John is captured/dead, Jane runs off and goes back to his psychic business. It takes Lisbon a few years to find him again by constantly calling his female manager to try and get information. She gives up and goes to meet him face to face, *cue nice reunion scene. The manager goes to get a police officer to go and arrest Lisbon due to a restraining order she’s put on Lisbon without Lisbon’s knowledge. The officer laughs it off. Goes a bit like this.

Poppy (Female Manager): Excuse me, sir.

Sheriff: How can I help you?

Poppy: I need you to arrest someone due to breaking a restraining order.

Sheriff: Sure, can you tell me who?

Poppy: Teresa Lisbon against being near Patrick Jane

Sheriff laughs: You’re joking right?

Poppy: NO, I’m dead serious.

Sheriff: Well, don’t think that will happen.

Poppy: Why?

Sheriff: Even if you’ve put a restraining order on Teresa Lisbon, she’ll hardly be 300 feet from Mr Jane.

Poppy: Huh?

Sheriff: Well, they’ve known each other before you’ve met him. 14 years to be exact. Plus, Jane used to follow Lisbon like a lost puppy. Probably, still would.